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Since the start of 2022, we have observed not only fluctuations in both economy and society but also rapid changes in the human resources globally. According to research and surveys, there is a high percentage of people who have quit their current jobs and switched for new ones. The reason for this massive layoffs and occupation changes is from the uncertain feelings about the future of many employees, they find their work tiring and lacking in passion.


In order to limit the fluctuation of human resources worldwide especially in developing countries, BC4Y hopes to offer solutions for young people to develop the potential, which inspire and give positive energy to solve problems in daily life. As a result, young people can determine their life goals and have a better future orientation.

BC4Y is running a survey sent to young people in many countries around the world, translated in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French and recently Vietnamese. We want to learn about young people as well as help them create steps, and support their career development in the future.

Those who participate in the survey will receive free consulting and training from the specific Mentor to solve their own problems and later can have the chance to become a future collaborator of BC4Y.

Thank you for taking part in the survey and we hope you have a useful experience at BC4Y.

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