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You have a job but you hate that job. You quit your job and find a new one. Then you get another job. You still don't like this job. You continue to take a break and engage in a new job. Looks like the new job is better, the pay is higher. You still don't feel suitable for this job. You feel lost and don't know where your life is going, have no goal, no dream, and wonder Which job would suit your personality best?

Sokanu Career Test is one of the tests helping millions of people to find out their dream job through understanding their past experiences and future plans, which makes them realize their true and unique value. This set of questions built by scientists and psychological experts and changed and improved over time are answered directly to provide the highest accuracy.  


What is Sokanu Test?

The Sokanu Career Test was developed by Spencer Thompson to provide a basic assessment of individuals and their career match to help them understand which career suits them best, then guide them step by step to find an ideal job or career that fits their ability and passion.

Applying for a job is one of the most important in their life but most job seekers do not consider much about their interests, their own potential, or abilities, so Sokanu is popularly used to find the ideal career for many people, especially for youth.

This multiple-choice test related to personalities and career helps you find factors in choosing the right job. These factors would be used to evaluate the suitability for a specific job: working style, company culture, practical skills, etc.

The Benefit of The Test

  • Improve your communication skills and behavior based on understanding yourself well and accurately determining your own values  

  • Understand strengths and weaknesses to maximize strengths, and overcome weaknesses, thereby progressing, improving, and developing.

  • Accurately analyze and judge situations and make effective decisions and solve problems.

  • Learn how to deal with stress, manage yourself and limit conflicts.

  • Get to know others better, and build positive relationships both at work and in life.

  • Happier, and more satisfied with your career choices and other important life decisions. 


The Institute of Building Capacity for Global Youth works with many organizations and local governments around the world to help global youth improve their capacity, and quality and promote their full potential. As a result, they can achieve their dreams hindered by surrounding factors such as environment, living conditions, and finances.
Our mission is to understand the obstacles and develop holistic approaches to empower and unleash the potential of young people through educational training so that we can create a brighter and more beautiful future for all young people around the world. We take education in its broadest sense and a range of projects that provide opportunities for young people locally and nationally.  


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