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About us

Institute of Building Capacity for Global Youth (BC4Y) has established since 2018 and cooperated with many local organizations and authorities all over the world to help the global youth to enhance their abilities, qualities and bring out their full potential. As the result, they can achieve their dreams that are hindered by surrounding factors such as environment, living and financial conditions.

Our mission is to understand obstacles, develop comprehensive methods to empower and unleash the potential of the youth through educational training so that we can create a better and brighter future for every youth globally. We consider education in its broadest meaning and a wide range of projects providing opportunities for young people locally and nationally.


Our Mission

Carry out surveys, research and support non-profit organizations developing abilities for global youth.

Our Goal


Support the development of young people in society through improving their capacity.


We believe in sustainable development so our programs aim to provide global youth the support they need for a more confident and successful future.

Our Vision

We are aiming at training and using suitable talents so the young people can shine in their fields.

A beautiful and promising world built from the youth as its core pillars.

Youth working together

Support our work where it needs most

We've been trying to expand our operation throughout the world but there're still a lot of places that we've not reached yet and it will take forever with our current forces. Join us and help us light up the future for our young generation

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