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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

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In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), highlighting the mental health and future implications for young people, especially recent graduates. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the percentage of college students aged 18-24 fell by 13%, the largest decline in community colleges. Why is it important to coordinate future candidates? Some students choose to drop out of college early, and instead many students intend to work early to reduce the financial burden of the epidemic. Research breaks, quarantine, online learning, fear of the unknown future, and unemployment are hitting young people more than ever. In fact, many young people ace recession, under-recruitment needs and can face unemployment.

According to Ministry of Labour statistics, the unemployment rate for people aged 20 to 24 in April 2020 was 23.5%. Since then, the unemployment rate in October 2021 has dropped to 11.6%. But even the rate of decline is about 60% higher than the corresponding rate at pre-pandemic levels. Unemployment and unemployment can have serious implications for adolescent mental health. If you spend too much time on a pandemic, you will end up in a confusing gap about the future.

Alternatively, students may be forced to choose a job that does not fit their expertise or to pay below-average salaries to meet their immediate spending needs. Therefore, orientation to young people immediately after the pandemic is urgent and important. Not only businesses and schools, but also social organizations need to pay attention to this.


Why do you live? Why had been you born into this world? What is the means of your existence? Have you really "lived" or not? But residing in surroundings in which training is valued and visible as a degree of success, we now and again neglect to recognition at the numbers.

Whenever you're busy pursuing that, bear in mind that there is lot of capability internal of you except instructional fulfillment and the quantity of cash on your wallet. And, if there may be a reason in existence to do your best, that is an excellent thing. You recognize your existence is greater than only a job, marriage, or status. Your existence has greater which means than that. George Bernard Shaw as soon as said, “Life isn't always approximately locating yourself. Life is self-improvement. Finding your existence reason is like stepping thru a brand new door to reinvent yourself.

Each people has his very own path, however, if you could shorten the winding street like a love-thirsty guy thru the desert, you may spare some years of your youngsters to pursue existence goals. Otherwise, after being blinded via way of means of hallucinations, you may realize that you are in a cave and alley. That is likewise the motive and motivation for us to manual and proportion with all younger humans inside the world.


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