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Online Workshop 2: Positive Psychology for Coaches

About the event


Time: 10AM September 28th 2021 

Duration: 2 hours  Participation fee: 

Free  Format: Online via ZOOM  

Audience: Psychology and human development coaches   


About the event: 

Positive Psychology is a science researching and applying into practice for helping people’s life to change in a more positive way as well as helping people to have their own changes and development.  

Through Psychology, each person would have a right assessment of what is right and what is wrong objectively, thereby finding solutions for life’s negative problems such as stress, anxiety and pressure in study or work so that people can focus on building up inner strength.   


Event content: 

During over 2 hours of the event, you will learn about the in-depth issues of psychology and psychological interventions and methods combined with the practice of psychological coaching methods.  

Every part of the event will be experiential and highly interactive, as to get the full effect and the best experience, you should fully attend all phases of the event.  You would also have the opportunity to discuss with other attendees during the conversation session to come up with ideas to solve the psychological problems mentioned.  



Participating progress: 

Step 1: Contact us and register to participate. As ensuring the quality of the event, we will have a selection of applications.  

Step 2: Get contact and event details from the organizing committee. 

Step 3: Get the ZOOM invitation link before the advance.  


Mentor advisory: 

During the event, you would be led by a mentor, coach with more the 10 years of experience in psychology, who is a Master of psychology.  For further information, the mentor will share at the event.

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