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For the first time IYF holding The Global Online Camp 2021

Daniel Williams

Jul 16, 2021


On July 12th-16th, The International Youth Fellowship IYF held the global online camp broadcasting live all over the world (IYF World Camp 2021)

This special camping program during the covid-19 pandemic was reported live through YouTube, ZOOM of IYF. This is one of the breakthroughs of IYF’s events, providing a wonderful opportunity for students around the world to have memorable times exchanging cultures. Furthermore, there were also the participations of many famous guests, speakers who came and shared their valuable experiences for all participants.

Live music performance in IYF World camp 2019 (cre: IYF)

Over 1 million young people all over the word attend this online camping program along with leaders of many youth organizations from about 130 countries.

You could probably experience much more than normal camping. Various classes about singing, cooking, pilates, beauty, etc. were opened suitable for everyone. Beside physical activities, people could also attend sharing sessions of famous guest speakers from many different fields and occupations worldwide. The indispensable part of every camping program is competition. A wide range of exciting contests, from classical music to pop, embroidery to cooking, etc.

Dr. Park Ock Soo - the founder of IYF has his thoughts and lessons helping teenagers get rid of their bad hobbies and problems like gaming addiction, drugs, alcohol, self-isolation, depression, aimless life, etc so they can cope with the pandemic situations by having a happy and positive life.

Through the ‘IYF World Camp 2021’ program, members of the organizing committee want young people worldwide to “sleep with happiness and wake up with hopes”.

International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a non-governmental organization established in 2001 in South Korea with the goal of developing the spirit, intellect and emotions of young people all around the world.

Currently, IYF has 185 branches in more than 100 countries worldwide, conducting personality training programs, life skill training for young people, holding international events such as Ministries Conference World Presidents, Conference of Rectors of Universities, World Camp, International volunteer programs, etc thereby providing effective solutions to the problems of youth globally.


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